Image by United Nations COVID-19 Respons


Although we are extremely excited that you have even visited this page.  We thought we would tell you how we work.

**Caring during the Coronavirus crisis **

How you can help during this time.

We are getting very handy at video meetings . They don't need to be formal, feel to chat and move around your home showing us your ideas.

We would love to come and visit you in your home. To keep you and ourselves safe during this unusual time, we have put together what to expect.

•    We will not have any formal handshakes.
•    We will bring our own cup of tea to make it an informal chat.
•    We will stay outside the property for any lengthy chat about your project, and will remain at a distance of 2 metres. 
•    Inside your property, where possible, please make sure that doors and windows are open for free air circulation. 
•    We will use hand sanitiser and/or gloves when entering your property and after having any contact with hard surfaces. 
•    We will wear face mask and/or a face shield when in close proximity (especially when appointed or conducting a survey when taking measurements or looking at services). 

Please tell us:- 

If you have, in the past or you think/ know that you have had Covid-19. We will be observing contact tracing of Covid-19 - Please inform us if you come in contact with someone that has a confirmed case of Coronavirus within 14 days of our meeting. 


Hope this gives you some guidance during the Coronavirus. Please contact us for further details or help.