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interior design

After training at West Herts College where i studied Visual Merchandising and Exhibition design. I started my career many years ago at John Lewis which helped me form a great stable foundation for the 20 years that has followed. I continued in retail with a side step into Interior Design where I followed my passion for finding the next trend with accents of colour and style until 2004. Moving away from customer facing I joined a fabric distribution company and thoroughly enjoyed the six years that followed with the sales team and after care support, always keeping to the love for texture, colour and style. Since 2010 the family has grown and my personal focus has been on a more sustainable choice and design. My enthusiasm has matured to a challenge for things that will last the test of children. 

What we offer 

  • Home Staging and House dressing for selling potentials

  • Interior Design layouts

  • Declutter help

  • Show Home Design

Over the year’s design has changed. If you can remember before the internet, shopping was at the end of the road and you had a choice of four and it was delivered by the shop owner in person. Brown was the only colour to have and draylon velvet came pile up or down. Fabric cost were halved when glazed chintz Jabots and Festoons were no longer the window treatments to have. 

‘Chuck out the chintz’ in the mid-nineties has had the biggest influence in British taste. We have moved away from the classic furnishings to an era of clean design. Yet Not everyone gets the excitement of the old days as well as the freshly painted new ones. 

Retsof Design thrives on flicking through magazines, internet blogs and the excitement of walking through a DIY warehouses on a dull wet day is a treat. To stand in a space and feel the mood of the surroundings is a great gift. With all cases we can help you find your balance of budget and design. Whether a whole house renovation, declutter or staging for property sales photos. Retsof Design is a personal touch and would happily assist in any project.

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