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Retsof - The New Norm

I am realising more and more that 'Blursday' is the new working day. Days are adjusted to suit the weather, and home-school is cooking, reading or counting the tadpoles in the pond as well as academia. I just want to highlight what we do to make your choices easier when needing a little extra space.

When you want to meet but have no babysitter.

Retsof CAN Meet you on a video call.

When evenings are the only time to catch up with your partner but office hours are nine to five.

Retsof CAN have video evening appointments.

When you just need a quick chat, but you must book an appointment.

Retsof CAN use a mobile phone for friendly text talk or video call.

We hope that by our adjustments - when little ones are in bed, we can

help you straighten out those lock-down niggles that have stopped you

from using your home to its full potential.

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