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A dining room's for life not just for Christmas!

Retsof Design is increasingly being asked to look at internal home alterations, not just extensions. The separate dining room, living room and kitchen just isn't working for today's family. Where budgets are tight, knocking through rooms to create larger areas, improve openness and links to natural daylight, can work without the need to put a shovel in the ground. The kitchen, or in our case our dining table, is the hub of the home. It's where we spend the majority of our time. With careful planning we can help improve the layout of your home, considering your family's needs.

I love our dining table. A local hero, Ercol - a classic, bought for our fifth wedding anniversary (wood). With our eclectic mix of dining chairs it sits in the centre of our kitchen and is shared with all the family. The grubby fingers, the science experiments, the painting masterpieces, to bike maintenance and zoom catch-ups, oh.... and meals!

Years ago it would be staged to the 'never-a-mess' look.

The next generation are living among us and it's proven that our house is alive and we are merely custodians.

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