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planning applications

With your living and family life Retsof Design can help you realise potential with your property.


Our experience of major home improvements includes the design of single and double storey house extensions, garage conversions and loft conversions.  From the initial telephone conversation and home consultation we can discuss your requirements to create the project design brief.


We undertake a full measured survey, noting all existing features, to accurately plot into the latest version of AutoCAD. The proposed scheme is developed, at which point we meet with you to discuss the plans and any changes or improvements.


Once agreed the scheme can be submitted along with the necessary documentation to the local authority for planning approval.

Our fee proposals will be in detail with breakdowns for all stages of the works in a clear format. 

One of the benefits in choosing us over our competitors is that we can progress any project from the planning stage straight into the Building Regulations stage

building regulations

This stage involves detailed drawings upon the planning approved layouts to demonstrate that the construction complies with UK Building Standards.  It is also at this stage that a Structural  Engineer will be appointed to design the structural layout to suit the proposal and highlight any issues. We will at this point liaise with the engineer to ensure that the design of the proposal is not compromised.

interior design

Specialising both in residential and commercial interior design, we have worked successfully to create inspiring space for home owners, retail and leisure operators as well as office interiors.

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